design fund for women


This is a Cowrywise campaign aimed at bridging the gender gap within the Nigerian Design space. It was a project that launched on International Women’s Day and ended 6 months after. We planned to teach 75 women design skills, however, the number grew to over 700.

My Role

For this campaign, I wore many hats. I had initially worked with the team lead who initiated the campaign, managed partnerships and internal communications and launched the project. Then, the project got handed over to me. 

I then managed the project going forward—the Telegram community of women, negotiations on new partnerships, and every marketing communication material used to report on this project. I managed the entire email marketing to inform and get feedback, and wrote articles as well. Nonetheless, I had great help from the team at Cowrywise.

The article published explained how I managed all of these, and grew 75 participants to over 700 participants, without spending more.

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